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Ingredients for Cats

We spend a long time developing our range of cat food as we know how picky cats can be.

We want to make sure we are not only giving them something they love, but also something that helps provide optimum health benefits for your cat. Our range of cat food are usually adored by cats because they have a very high meat content and no unsavoury fillers, sugars or taste enhancers - just pure, wholesome ingredients and recipes which may make a noticeable difference to your cat.

Ingredients for Cats
Freshly Prepared Meat
Chicken & Turkey

Freshly Prepared Meat


A great source of tasty, essential protein.


Full of vitamins and minerals, an excellent protein source.


We use tiny amounts of pork in our tray range.

Pork is a good source of protein and provides a unique array of amino acids when combined in small amounts with other meats.

Freshly Prepared Chicken & Turkey


We produce a pure organic chicken recipe and we also use chicken together with other meats, a nutritional powerhouse!


A super source of low fat protein. Nutritious and delicious.


Fresh salmon – A delicious recipe, super for great skin and coat.



Full of beta carotene and anti-oxidants.


A good source of protein and fibre for a good, healthy system.


A healthy carbohydrate to provide energy.

Sweet Potato

A delicious source of dietary fibre, one of the most nutritious vegetables available.

Salmon Oil
Nutritional Additives
Other Good Things
Vitamins & Minerals

Salmon Oil

Salmon Oil for heart maintenance and healthy skin and shiny coat.

Nutritional Additives


An essential amino acid derived from meat for feline health.


This amino acid helps regulate the metabolism. Critical for heart health.

Other Good Things

Nutritional Yeast

We never use brewer’s yeast – (a by-product). Our yeast contains an exceptional range of nutrients and also tastes delicious!


We use a tiny amount of this natural thickener from seaweed, in our organic tray range.


A small sprinkling of cheese is included in our dry recipe for an extra calcium boost.

Vitamins and Minerals

We use vitamins and minerals in their most natural form, where available, to ensure the best bioavailability for your cat.



One of the most nutritious foods available. An algae grown in specific alkaline waters of lakes. It contains a wide range of rare, essential lipids excellent for the immune system.