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Lily's Kitchen Acts of goodness working with charities

Our aspirations

We are incredibly proud to become a founding member of B Corp in the UK. The B Corp community encompassing 1,400 companies in 42 countries to date, uses the power of business to solve social and environmental problems all over the world. B Corp companies use their size and ethics to give back to the wider community in all kinds of ways. To find out more about the B Corp community click here.

This year we're delighted to have launched our Acts of Goodness initiative - a series of campaigns intended to act as a force for good within the pet community. This could be by donating wholesome meals like our first 'Dinner's on Us!' campaign, but could also be by using our time to help charities and causes that need it most. Whatever it is, we want to inspire connections wherever we go.

Lily's Kitchen is a B Corporation

Dinner's on us!

We’ve donated over 650,000 meals to cats and dogs in need at over 100 amazing charities

Find out more about the campaign and take a look at some of the happy cats and dogs enjoying their tasty dinners.

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A Helping Paw for PDSA

Just like us, the PDSA believe that pets are family. We’re supporting the PDSA, whose vets tirelessly to provide 2.7 million treatments a year to the pets of those most in need.

Find out how we’re supporting the PDSA and how you can help.

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Canine Care Pack

We’re helping homeless people and their pets in collaboration with Crack + Cider, a fantastic organisation created to help homeless people in need. The Canine Care pack contains a mixture of wholesome food and warm clothing for dogs. 

Each pack purchased through the website will be distributed to a dog friendly shelter to give out to homeless pet owners in need.

Find out how you can help the cause here.