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We’re big believers in organics here at Lily’s Kitchen, because organic farming methods mean better animal welfare, greater wildlife diversity, and more protection for the environment overall.

Choosing organic foods wherever you can really does make a positive difference, which is why we offer an exclusively certified organic range as well as our wholly natural range.

Animal Welfare

Organic standards guarantee a free-range life for animals and holistic husbandry methods that minimise stress.

Wildlife biodiversity

Organic farms are havens for bees, birds and butterflies, with 50% more plant, insect and bird life on organic farms, and 30% more species.

Purity & Traceability

Organic food is free from additives, hydrogenated fats, and GM ingredients. The routine use of antibiotics, hormones or synthetic fertilisers is prohibited, and pesticides are severely restricted.
 Supply chains are shorter for easy traceability from farm to fork.

Environmental health

Organic farming releases fewer greenhouse gases per hectare, does not use manufactured chemical fertilisers made from finite fossil fuels, and uses less energy overall.