Feeding your pets / Can I feed Lily's Kitchen food to my puppy or kitten?
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Can I feed Lily's Kitchen food to my puppy or kitten?

Our specially developed puppy and kitten recipes are designed to meet the nutritional needs of your growing puppy or kitten. Just look out for our Puppy and Kitten ranges.

If your new pet is coming from a breeder, it’s most likely they will have been weaned before you go to collect them. Weaning occurs around 4-8 weeks and is where they start to rely less on their mother’s milk and puppy or kitten food is slowly introduced. Weaning usually ends at about eight weeks, but it is a slow process and takes time. If this isn’t the case, your puppy or kitten will need to be introduced to the kibble gradually and carefully.

If moving on from the mum’s milk and weaning, add a few kibbles into a bowl of warm water and allow the kibble to soak up the water until they become soft and almost resemble Weetabix. Give them to your puppy or kitten to try and see if they can eat and enjoy them with ease. If they’re happily eating the food, do this little and often and space the feeding times out as they only have tiny tummies. The feeding guides on the bag will help you determine the amount to feed per day.

When you are comfortable with their weight gain and growth at around 8-12 weeks, gradually reduce soaking the food and introduce some non-soaked kibble into their diet. Always remember to feed little and often to avoid them becoming overly hungry, causing them to eat their food too quickly, which can be dangerous for a young pet. We recommend keeping a close eye on your puppy or kitten as they feed to ensure that they’re safely chomping down their food.