Feeding your pets / What is your opinion on raw feeding?
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What is your opinion on raw feeding?

The concept of raw feeding is by far the most natural way to feed your pet, however, due to the potential risks associated with this type of feeding if done incorrectly, it can become very dangerous. You must be a dedicated raw feeder and understand what you are trying to achieve, and what your expectations are of a diet of this nature. It demands time, patience and thought to provide a raw diet for your pet that is nutritionally complete and safe.

Our food is made with lots of natural ingredients - proper meat which is fresh or freshly prepared, vegetables, fruits and healthy herbs. Our tins and trays are filled with these raw recipes and then sealed and lightly cooked to make sure they are sterile. By using the highest quality ingredients in this way, we believe this is the safest and most nutritious way to feed your pet.