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Cranberries in natural cat and dog food

Clever Cranberries

Cranberries are low in calories and are an excellent source of vitamin C, manganese and copper. They’re also rich in both soluble and insoluble fibre making them beneficial for the digestive system, keeping it working well over the festive period.

These bright fruits are rich in the powerful antioxidants called anthrocyanins, giving them their blue, purple and red colours. These pigment powerhouses help to protect the body and keep the immune system working well – warding off winter bugs.

Not Just Good News for Humans

Native Americans have used cranberry preparations to treat urinary tract infections for centuries and now modern medical research has revealed the chemical and physiological effects cranberries have on the urinary tract and how they can help to prevent urinary tract infections. 

The same benefits may also occur in dogs that are prone to urinary tract infections, but be careful about offering your dog cranberry juice as this is often laden with sugar. You should speak to your vet first.

Cranberries are a wonderful winter treat for people added to deserts, cakes and to make the festive cranberry sauce for turkey, but they aren’t often given to dogs as they have quite a bitter taste and wouldn’t be very good for them on their own. However, here at Lily’s Kitchen we add cranberries to our Three Bird Festive Feast for Dogs.

Careful! Cranberry sauce isn’t a good idea for dogs as it contains sugar, also often grapes, raisins and currants, all of which are toxic for dogs.

Introduce Cranberries Into Your Pet's Diet

Three Bird Festive Feast for Dogs

Packed with freshly prepared turkey, duck and goose and a jolly sprinkling of parsnips and cranberries for their own nutritious, wholesome taste of Christmas dinner.

Fabulously Festive Biscuits for Dogs

Deliciously Christmassy treats bursting with natural turkey, cranberries, thyme & cinnamon.

Fabulously Festive Treats for Cats

A charming Christmas cracker box of treats packed with natural Turkey, Chicken Liver and Cranberries.