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All Dogs MAtter and Lily's Kitchen Christmas Stocking

Merry Christmas, All Dogs Matter!

What do you get if you cross a complete adoration of all things doggy, and the festive spirit?

For both Lily’s Kitchen and the charity All Dogs Matter, the answer is the same: give as many dogs as possible a fantastic Christmas!

This year, the fantastic All Dogs Matter are making sure their dogs feel like part of a family at Christmas, and are calling for donations to fill their doggy stockings. 

We can’t resist putting a wag in dogs’ tails, so we’ve donated our Three Bird Festive Feast, Advent Calendars, Fabulously Festive Biscuits and a rope toy for each and every dog staying with the charity over Christmas.

While they have the stocking to look forward to on the big day, the dogs are already loving our Advent calendars. Rowena from All Dogs Matter tells us,

‘Loki is quick to learn and very smart. By day two of his Lily's Kitchen Advent calendar he already knew what was coming.

He sat directly under his calendar (in front of his kennel) with a wiggly bottom and a smile on his chops and waited for his treat while I changed his bedding. It gives him an extra treat for being calm and well behaved which is great for his training as well as mixing up his day to day routine.’

If you want to give a gift or two to these gorgeous woofers, head over here to make sure they get them delivered in time for Christmas.