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Happy Birthday, Lily!

The first week of May brings happy times and party spirit to Lily’s Kitchen as we celebrate our very own Lily’s birthday! This year, our adorable Border Terrier boss turns 14 - she’s truly a very wise and wonderful lady and very much the heart of our family.

Of course, it all started with Lily. Her battle with itchy skin and ears became the inspiration for healthy pet food and Lily’s Kitchen.

Once Henrietta discovered what regular pet food was made from, she decided to cook Lily’s meal from scratch using proper, natural ingredients. The transformation in Lily’s health was so remarkable, Henrietta knew she had to share her recipes with other pet owners. People who, just like her, want to give their pet a truly nutritious meal they can trust to be the best.

For two years, Henrietta worked with vets, nutritionists, farmers and kitchens to create a very special, prepared food using natural ingredients you can actually recognise. She called it this proper food for pets – a food she was happy to feed Lily and happy to recommend to other pet lovers.

Happy Birthday Lily!

Chief Taster

Of course, Lily has always been chief taster and dedicated to making sure that each recipe is delicious and nutritious. Her paw of approval is our gold standard.

Lily’s Kitchen was named for and after Lily, and every recipe we make today is created on Henrietta’s original principle that dogs and cats deserve to eat proper food. Everything is filled with the best ingredients we can find, without including any of the nasty additives and derivatives usually lurking in pet food. Lily loves our recipes and we hope your pet loves them too!

On the surface, Lily is a down-to-earth sort of girl who counts tennis balls, belly rubs, cheese and bed amongst her top ten things. But she’s also a very special dog with many talents - from appearing in a cookery book featuring her favourite recipes, to starring in her very own Christmas film. (All very worthy of a dog who goes by the regal nickname ‘Miss Elizabeth’.)

So what celebrations could we possible have in store for our eponymous heroine? Well, in honour of Lily’s birthday we’ve created a beautiful, hand illustrated box of wonder, filled with delights. So now your dog can have the best birthday ever too!

What's in our Birthday Surprise?

Firstly, there’s our most magnificent recipe yet - Birthday Surprise Steak Dinner! Inspired by steak and chips, this celebratory meal of steak, organic potatoes, broccoli and herbs champions everything our own Lily loves! As with all our food, this recipe is only full of good stuff. It’s all natural, nourishing, easy to digest, and utterly delicious.

The best parties feature plenty of tempting treats, so we’ve tucked in a party bag full of Organic Apple & Cheese treats.

And naturally there’s a birthday card with a poem! A message to show your four-legged friend just how much you love them is the icing on the cake.

Sounds good, doesn’t it? We think it’s the perfect birthday surprise for any deserving dog.

Happy, Birthday, dear Lily - here’s to you!