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Tasty Turkey

Roast turkey

Turkey is a fantastic ingredient for cats and dogs, but despite our roast turkey for Christmas dinner looking extremely appetising, it's often not be quite the right thing to share with your pets.

This is because of the stuffing containing spices and onions that often go into a Christmas bird and the salty gravy that it is served with. Dog’s get upset tummies if they have onions and spices can also upset their systems with very unfortunate results. Sadly, every year many pets are admitted to vet hospitals over Christmas because their owners have unknowingly ‘treated’ them to a Christmas dinner – and you certainly don’t want a trip to the vet hospital on Christmas day!

Tasty and Nutritious Turkey

Some cats and dogs are sensitive or allergic to turkey meat and of course it wouldn’t be a wise choice for them. But, for the majority of cats and dogs, there shouldn’t be a problem with offering a very small amount of very plain cooked turkey meat. Do however make sure that the turkey has no stuffing, spice or gravy added, has had the skin removed (as it’s too fatty) and that you only offer a teeny tiny bit! (And of course never from the table!)

To be safe, it’s much better to offer them a home cooked special meal (such as Henrietta’s Christmas Feast in her book Dinner for Dogs) or a Lily’s Kitchen Christmas recipe. When used wisely in a recipe such as Henrietta’s or in any of the Lily’s range that include it, turkey can be a wonderful addition to your pet’s repertoire of healthy meats. Turkey is rich in selenium, niacin and vitamin B6 and is a good source of zinc and vitamin B12.

Careful with Bones!

Finally, always be very careful that your dog or cat can’t get to any cooked bones as these can be very dangerous. This is because cooked bone breaks into sharp fragments and splinters which can get stuck in their throats or can even pierce their digestive system.

Tasty Turkey Products

Chicken and Turkey Casserole for Dogs

A complete wet dog food made with freshly prepared chicken and turkey and loads of organic vegetables, fruits and herbs.

Poultry Pie for Cats

Full of the wonderful meat that cats thrive on, Poultry Pie is packed with 65% freshly prepared turkey and duck.

Three Bird Festive Feast for Dogs

A wholesome and delicious Christmas dinner just for your furry friend.

Christmas Turkey Feast for Cats

A sumptuous organic Christmas feast packed with freshly prepared Turkey and seasonal favourites just for your furry friend.