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Cats at Crufts

Cats at Crufts? Introducing Cat Balding

Crufts is renowned as the world’s largest dog show, with an estimated 22,000 canine companions travelling from far and wide for the biggest gathering of four legs 2017 will see. Never before, however, have their feline counterparts featured.

We thought it was high time that cats (well one cat in particular) had the chance to experience the phenomenon that is Crufts, so we sent our kitty reporter Cat Balding into the heart of the action. Cat Balding was the first to get the inside scoop on Crufts from a cat’s perspective, reporting for the Channel Fur News. Cat also sampled our new menu of proper food for cats at Crufts’ very first stand made especially for cats, by Lily’s Kitchen.

Magnificent Moggies

If Cat Balding’s day at Crufts teaches us anything it’s that - while they all deserve the same love and proper food in equal measure - there are plenty of important differences between our canine companions and magnificent moggies!

We asked leading cat behaviour expert Ellena Hinson, to provide some insights into why, exactly, cats act the way that they do. Find out more in Ellena's blog as she demystifies some common misconceptions about ‘fussy’ felines.

Clare and Cat Balding

Proper Food for for Cats

At Lily’s Kitchen we know that cats are natural born hunters so they like to enjoy tummy-sized natural meals packed with freshly prepared meat, as and when they feel like it.