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6 Top tips for your dog this summer

When the sun's out, it's like a big yellow sign saying 'walkies' to your dog. And to us humans, for that matter. And while you and your dog are out making the most of the summer, it’s important they don’t overdo things or sizzle like a sausage.

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How to have a pet-friendly holiday

You already know if you're bringing skis or sunhats with you on holiday, but what about your pet? Our lovely vet, Dr Holly Mash, shares her tips to make sure your holiday is relaxing for everyone in the family – even the ones with four legs. 

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Happy Birthday, Lily!

The first week of May brings happy times and party spirit to Lily’s Kitchen as we celebrate our very own Lily’s birthday! This year, our adorable Border Terrier boss turns 14 - she’s truly a very wise and wonderful lady and very much the heart of our family.

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Birthday Party Games

Having a birthday party for your dog is a great way to strengthen your bond with them and their bond with other dogs and people. And of course, it’s fantastic fun!

Having some special treats and activities lined up will help ensure everyone has a happy time…

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Valentine's Day Walk

The wonderful All Dogs Matter are hosting their 7th annual Valentine’s Dog Walk on Sunday 12th February 2017, which means you can show some less fortunate dogs some love, too.

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Keep Your Pets Safe This Christmas

While us humans are tripping over fairy lights and recovering from too much mulled wine, dogs and cats have their own festive hazards to avoid. From getting tangled in tinsel to over eating (usually thanks to sneaky swiping off the table), vets see all sorts of poorly animals over Christmas.

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Tasty Turkey

Turkey is a fantastic ingredient for cats and dogs, but despite our roast turkey for Christmas dinner looking extremely appetising, it's often not be quite the right thing to share with your pets.

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PDSA Hamper Raffle

To celebrate the fantastic work PDSA do and thank them for helping to keep as many families together this Christmas as they can, we donated 5 of our extra special Luxury Christmas hampers to their team raffle. 5 lucky winners received our wonderful hampers to share with their team and all their lovely pets.

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Clever Cranberries

Cranberries are low in calories and are an excellent source of vitamin C, manganese and copper. They’re also rich in both soluble and insoluble fibre making them beneficial for the digestive system, keeping it working well over the festive period.

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Merry Christmas, All Dogs Matter!

What do you get if you cross a complete adoration of all things doggy, and the festive spirit?

For both Lily’s Kitchen and the charity All Dogs Matter, the answer is the same: give as many dogs as possible a fantastic Christmas!

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Top Winter Plant Tips for Cats and Dogs

Decking your home out with bright and festive plants is a perfect way to start the festive season. But sadly many of these seasonal plants are dangerous for our four legged friends.

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A Festive Gift for Poorly Pets

Even if they’re bundled up in a few woolly layers, dogs and cats can still get into all sorts of scrapes over the colder months. So for all those unlucky pets that end up having to visit the vets, we’ve got something up our sleeves as part of our A Helping Paw for PDSA campaign.

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