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The Lily’s Kitchen mission: to provide proper food to as many pets as possible. As demand for our food rises, we’ve been working hard to ensure our stock is available to everyone. This has been especially hard due to current global issues. Fortunately, we have resolved this thanks to an amazing second factory who are able to provide your furry family with the same premium Lily’s Kitchen quality we are known for.

This means that, going forward, 3 of our 150g trays for senior dogs and puppies will now be produced, packed and ready to be devoured by your dog via our second factory. You may notice a subtle change in the food’s appearance and smell as well as a change to the shape of the tray. You’ll be happy to know that it is the same Lily’s Kitchen quality that your pet knows and loves.


Some dogs will be able to transition fully in one go, others with more sensitivities may need to allow for a gradual transition. You as their pet parent will be the best person to make that call for your pet.

If your dog/puppy is particularly sensitive, then please follow the steps below to transition them to the new trays. If you’re serving up our food for the first time or switching to these recipes, it’s best to introduce it into your dog’s diet bit by bit over about a week. Start with a mix of 4/5 of your current food to 1/5 of the new recipe. Day by day, increase the proportions until you’re feeding only the new recipe.


Please note that we don’t plan to sell both, however if you would like to get a hold of some of our previous recipes in order to ensure a smooth transition, then get in touch with our Customer Care team who can help with this, as we’ve set a few aside.


Puppy Recipe with Chicken

Puppies deserve the very best start in life, wouldn’t you agree? Good, because we spent lots of time perfecting this tasty, wholesome and complete recipe to do just that.

Puppy Recipe with Turkey & Duck

How to distract your erratic yet utterly cute pup away from your socks: our turkey and duck dinner. This nourishing supper was made to give the newest member of your family the very best nutrition and taste.

This special senior dog food supper is made to a nutritionally complete, grain-free recipe that’s full of nourishing ingredients to help keep the spring in the step of all wise woofers.