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Hide & Treat

Game Time Episode 7
Keeping restless Archie busy indoors

In Episode 7, Archie the Labradoodle learns to focus his attention and keep busy with the help of this easy and simple game. ‘Hide and Treat’ is a really good game to play with active dogs who can get a bit bored and restless indoors and need entertaining. Focus work is excellent for stimulating your dog and keeping them busy – plus doing a fun training game together gives your dog the kind of interaction with you that they really love.

“Hide and Treat’ is a really good game to play with active dogs who can get a bit bored and restless indoors and need entertaining”

To keep your dog entertained:

1.Start by having your dog ‘Sit and Wait’. You can learn these skills with Episode 1 of Game Time.

2. Take a dog treat, show it to your dog, put it down on the floor in front of them and lay a small hand towel over the top, so that they understand the treat is underneath.

3. Ask them to ‘Find it’ – you can learn this skill in Episode 2. Let your dog dig the treat out, uncover and eat it. Give them some praise.

4.Take a bigger piece of treat, put it on the floor and lay a bigger towel or a blanket over the top, so that there is more floor space covered up. Invite your dog to ‘Find it’ and when they uncover and eat their reward, give them praise.

5.For the next step, take a much smaller piece of treat and hide it under the large towel or blanket. Invite your dog to ‘Find it’ and let them have fun digging it out.

6.You can also try hiding balls in other places your dog will enjoy delving into – such as a basketful of their toys or tennis balls!

You will need:

You can use our Duck & Venison Sausages for this training game, as well as a small towel and blanket.

Dog finding a treat during a dog treat game

“You can also make the game more complicated as they get better at it!”

About Game Time

This series of short videos is here to help you develop your relationship with your dog using fun and simple games. Spending time together with your dog, playing games and giving them fun tasks is a great way to become closer and strengthen your bond. It’s also brilliant for your dog’s mental stimulation, helping to focus their energy so that you can encourage and reward positive behaviour.

Louise Glazebrook is a popular Dog Behaviourist and Trainer in the UK. She’s featured on prime-time television in the UK, on shows such as ‘10 Puppies and Us’, and has written for various news and media outlets, such as The Telegraph.

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