Caring For Your Dog

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Caring For Your Dog

  • Feeding your puppy image
    Feeding your puppy

    Find out how to give your puppy the best start in life.

  • Feeding your dog image
    Feeding your dog

    Some top tips on feeding your dog for a healthy and happy life.

  • Feeding your senior dog image
    Feeding your senior dog

    Top tips on keeping your much-loved friend healthy and happy.

  • You've Got Mail image
    You've Got Mail

    In Episode 6, Lola, enjoys learning to sniff out treats with this easy ‘You’ve Got Mail’ game.

  • Hide & Treat image
    Hide & Treat

    In Episode 7, Archie the Labradoodle learns to focus his attention and keep busy with the help of this easy and simple game.

  • How to feed dogs with sensitive stomachs image
    How to feed dogs with sensitive stomachs

    The right diet can help ensure that your dog's digestive system stays happy and regular.

  • Skin and fur image
    Skin and fur

    Our guide to supporting skin and fur health with the right food.

  • Nosey Parker image
    Nosey Parker

    In Episode 4 of Game Time, Pepe – an inquisitive Cross-Terrier (Border, Lakeland, Jack Russell and a dash of King Charles Spaniel) - learns how to keep busy, with the help of this simple game.

  • Gingerbread Trail image
    Gingerbread Trail

    In Episode 3 of Game Time, Pretzel – an enthusiastic Staffordshire Bull Terrier cross with heaps of bounce - learns how to focus, with the help of this easy lesson.

  • Insuring your dog image
    Insuring your dog

    Some top tips on insuring your dog for peace of mind.

  • Overweight dogs: The ideal weight for your dog image
    Overweight dogs: The ideal weight for your dog

    Our helpful guide to keeping your dog at a healthy, happy weight.

  • Grain free diets image
    Grain free diets

    Some top tips on grain free diets for your dog.

  • Sit & Wait image
    Sit & Wait

    In Episode 1 of Game Time, a young Labrador called Ludo learns to sit and wait in his local park, with the help of a simple and rewarding lesson.

  • Dental care for dogs image
    Dental care for dogs

    Find out how to look after your dog’s teeth and follow a proper dental care routine.

  • Legs Eleven image
    Legs Eleven

    In Episode 5, tiny Tilly the Chihuahua enjoys a quick play session, with the help of this super-easy game.

  • Find It image
    Find It

    In Episode 2 of Game Time, Ludo the 2 year-old Labrador learns the command ‘Find it’ at home and discovers just how much fun this can be!