Pet Care

Spending time together with your dog, playing games and giving them fun tasks is a great way to become closer and strengthen your bond. It’s also brilliant for your dog’s mental stimulation, helping to focus their energy so that you can encourage and reward positive behaviour.

Game Time

  • You've Got Mail image
    You've Got Mail

    In Episode 6, Lola, enjoys learning to sniff out treats with this easy ‘You’ve Got Mail’ game.

  • Hide & Treat image
    Hide & Treat

    In Episode 7, Archie the Labradoodle learns to focus his attention and keep busy with the help of this easy and simple game.

  • Nosey Parker image
    Nosey Parker

    In Episode 4 of Game Time, Pepe – an inquisitive Cross-Terrier (Border, Lakeland, Jack Russell and a dash of King Charles Spaniel) - learns how to keep busy, with the help of this simple game.

  • Gingerbread Trail image
    Gingerbread Trail

    In Episode 3 of Game Time, Pretzel – an enthusiastic Staffordshire Bull Terrier cross with heaps of bounce - learns how to focus, with the help of this easy lesson.

  • Sit & Wait image
    Sit & Wait

    In Episode 1 of Game Time, a young Labrador called Ludo learns to sit and wait in his local park, with the help of a simple and rewarding lesson.

  • Legs Eleven image
    Legs Eleven

    In Episode 5, tiny Tilly the Chihuahua enjoys a quick play session, with the help of this super-easy game.

  • Find It image
    Find It

    In Episode 2 of Game Time, Ludo the 2 year-old Labrador learns the command ‘Find it’ at home and discovers just how much fun this can be!