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Certified goodness

Doing the

Right thing

Actions speak louder than words, and we believe it’s important to really do the things we say we do here at Lily’s Kitchen, without any greenwashing. We also believe in being transparent with our customers. The certification and awards we hold for our recipes and service is one of the best ways to demonstrate the truth in our claims.

B CorP
making a change together

Lily’s Kitchen is proud to be one of the founding members of B Corp in the UK. And we were the first pet food company in the world to certify as a B Corporation. We’re part of the B Corp community because we believe in using business as a force for good. Choosing products or services from certified B corporations is a great way to help make a positive difference. The B Corp logo identifies companies who are genuinely acting in a responsible way and having a positive impact on the world.

Don’t just
take our word for it…

Feefo collects real reviews from real people. It’s an independent way to leave honest, transparent feedback for a brand after buying something and is entirely optional. The information gathered helps others to know what they might expect from the company. We do everything we can for our customers and thanks to the very many positive reviews from them about our recipes and customer experience, we’re proud to hold a Feefo Gold Trusted Service Award.

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Henrietta’s adorable border terrier is at the heart of the family, and her battle with itchy skin became the inspiration for our healthy food for cats and dogs.


At Lily’s Kitchen we live by our values. All pets deserve proper food and we do what we can to tread lightly on the planet.


Our pets deserve to eat proper food that’s full of goodness, that means healthy, nourishing ingredients and delicious, natural recipes that are veterinary approved.