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Insuring your cat

Our cats are family, so we want to make sure they live a happy and healthy life. Pet insurance gives peace of mind that both you and your cat are insured. For us, it’s getting help with unexpected medical expenses and vet bills that come from our cat needing help or attention. For them, it could be a safeguard from any unnecessary pain and suffering - by providing the treatment they need, at the time they need it.

Here we’ll look at the kind of things pet insurance typically does and doesn’t cover, the main types of pet insurance, and top tips for choosing the right policy for you and your cat.

“Pet insurance gives peace of mind”

What is pet insurance?

Pet insurance helps towards the cost of having your cat treated by a vet should they become ill or get injured depending on the cover you choose. You might also be covered if your cat dies or is lost or stolen.

What types of pet insurance are there?

Lifetime cover
These policies give you cover for illnesses and injuries. Your cat is covered up to a set amount each year for as long as the insurance remains in force. Some policies will also specify a set amount to be paid for each illness or injury during a year. If the set amounts are reached no further claims will be paid until the policy is renewed.

Accident only
This type of insurance pays a fixed sum if your cat is accidentally injured. Some policies have a 12 month time limit on treatment. Your cat’s treatment for each accident will be covered until the fixed sum is reached or (if applicable) for 12 months, whichever is reached first, and then that accident will no longer be covered.

Time limited
These policies give you a fixed sum for each illness or injury. Your cat’s treatment will be covered for up to 12 months or the fixed sum whichever is reached first and then that condition will no longer be covered.

Maximum benefit
These policies give you a fixed sum for each illness or injury. Your cat’s treatment is covered up to this sum with no time limit on the length of treatment, as long as your policy remains in force and premiums paid. Once the fixed sum has been reached, that condition will no longer be covered.

For accident only, time limited and maximum benefit policies
If you have made a claim and have any remaining cover benefits you wish to use in the next policy year, you must renew your policy and there must be no break in cover.

“do your research and read through the policy terms before you buy”

Top tips for choosing the right
insurance for your cat

If you’re looking at taking out new pet insurance or switching providers, do your research and read through the policy terms before you buy. This is particularly important if you already have pet insurance and are looking to switch providers. Most policies will not provide cover for pre-existing conditions and will have a waiting period.

Compare your options – Shopping around online is a good place to start finding insurers. Give accurate details when you’re retrieving quotes and pick and choose the elements of cover you want. Certain insurers may also give you a gift when you join them or offer a rewards scheme. This won't necessarily be a big decision-maker, but it’s worth considering if you find two very similar quotes.

Go direct - Once you've found a pet insurance provider you think is the cheapest and best for you, consider phoning them directly. This way you can talk to a person who can answer any questions you may have before you go ahead.

Check it's covered - Remember the cheapest pet insurance isn’t always the most comprehensive and you may get caught out if you make a claim for something you thought was covered. Make sure that the insurer you’ve chosen provides the right level of cover that you need for your pet.

What does pet insurance cover?

At first glance, many pet insurance policies can look very similar. But there will usually be differences in both the level of cover offered and the things that your pet will actually be covered for. You could expect most policies to cover the cost of vet fees for your cat. Policies can also include cover for:

What doesn’t pet insurance cover?

Every pet insurance provider has different terms and things they won’t pay for. Some of the most common exclusions include: