Environmental Policy

Statement about Lily’s and its commitment to the environment

Lily’s Kitchen ensures that all activities carried out by the organisation comply with all relevant environmental legislation.

The organisation is committed to the prevention of pollution and to act on climate change; we aim to continuously improve our environmental performance through the support and involvement of all of our stakeholders. In recognition of this, we have implemented an environmental management system (EMS).

We aim to:

  • actively reduce waste through our waste reduction strategy, which describes our principle of preventing, re-using and recycling all our office waste;
  • run the office using 100% low impact renewable energy;
  • reduce the amount of energy consumed during office hours by efficiently using equipment;
  • continue to use water responsibly and learn more about the water footprint of our products;
  • operate a purchasing policy to ensure as many goods and services as possible are sustainably sourced;
  • screen new and existing suppliers to ensure they are meeting our minimum requirements for environmental impact;
  • continue to encourage our clients, suppliers and stakeholders to adopt our environmental principles and develop an environmental management system in their own organisations; and
  • review our EMS including this policy and publish our progress in our annual impact reports.
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