Healthy pets / Is Lily’s Kitchen appropriate for my elderly pet?
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Is Lily’s Kitchen appropriate for my elderly pet?

Senior pets are those aged over around seven or eight years old. However, this does depend on the size and breed, with large and giant breeds having shorter life expectancies than small dogs. Elderly pets have specific dietary requirements - they have smaller appetites and require energy dense, highly digestible food.

Lily's Kitchen food can meet a senior pet’s needs. Firstly, because our foods contain top quality ingredients and are all very low in grains, they are easier for the older animal to digest. They are low fat and low GI, so our diets can help prevent mature pets from becoming overweight in old age. Using natural ingredients - including proper meat - means better quality proteins so there is much less strain put on the body to process food.

Our Marvellously Mature grain free dry recipe for cats supports an ageing cat’s health as it contains glucosamines to help joint health, prebiotics for tummy health, and ginkgo biloba and omega 3’s to help support the senior cat.

And our Senior recipe for wise and wonderful dogs is packed with joint care supplements, to help support and maintain their joints.

With both wet and dry recipes senior recipes filled with the most delicious, natural ingredients, even the fussiest oldie can enjoy staying fit as a fiddle.