Our ethics / Is your packaging recyclable?
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Is your packaging recyclable?

We try to do things in an ethical way. That’s why our wet food is made in aluminium trays and tins, which are convenient, mess-free and you can pop them in with your household recycling.

Our dry food packaging is made using compostable materials – even the seal, which keeps the food lovely and fresh, and reduces food waste. This means that some councils will accept the bags to be industrially composted. If you prefer to pop the bag on your home compost, it may take a while to breakdown as as the speed of decomposition varies based on how much heat, moisture and pressure there is.

The card used for our treats is recyclable and we also use water based or vegetable based inks for printing on our packaging and brochures to help minimise waste and toxicity.

Unfortunately, we’ve been unable to source recyclable packaging for some of our treats that will enable us to keep them fresh and tasty for your pets. Currently, our Woofbrush, Truly Naturals, Snack Bars, puppy and cat treats cannot be kept fresh, safe and tasty in recyclable packaging. However, we’re always working with our packaging suppliers to innovate, and our goal is to ensure that all our packaging is recyclable.