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What do you mean by proper meat?

At Lily’s Kitchen, the meat and fish in our food is all carefully and responsibly sourced from our trusted producers and expert suppliers. No meat meal, no bone meal and no rendered meat. Most of the meat we use in our wet recipes is fresh and the remaining is freshly prepared. Nothing less than this will do.

We use the term freshly prepared to describe some of the specific meats and fish when we use a blend of fresh and frozen meat or just frozen, dependent on the recipe. Seasonal fish & meat such as venison means they aren’t available to us all year round as fresh produce so we need to freeze these. We also use some exclusively sourced ingredients with provenance that unfortunately aren’t always available fresh when we need them. This is also the case for some of our organic meats that need to be collected in small quantities from local farmers, so that our producers can build up enough supply to make a proper batch. So in order to make sure your pet can always have their favourite recipe for dinner, all year round, we sometimes have to step away from chilled fresh and use frozen meat and fish instead.

Our frozen meat and fish that we freshly prepare, is of the same high quality as all of our other fresh meat; we know that the quality and safety of our ingredients is just as important to you as it is to us. We ensure that throughout our supply chain all Freshly Prepared produce is treated the same way that you would expect your food to be treated, such as making sure it is safe and always keeping it in a constant chill chain (just like your fridge freezer at home, only a little bigger).

We choose to include a top notch mixture of muscle meat and organ meat in our recipes. That’s because offal contains vital nutrients not found in muscle meat, is a rich source of vitamins, minerals and amino acids, and is utterly delicious to pets.

We use a wide variety of meats and fish for healthy variety and to help provide choice for pets who may be sensitive to some of the more common animal protein sources.

All the meat we use in our organic tray diets is certified organic.