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Introducing new dry cat food

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It’s our mission to create wholesome food for happy healthy pets and we’ve been working hard to make our dry food even better. In addition to our new look bags which make it easier to find out all the information you may need, we also had the opportunity to look at our recipes and make some tweaks. In making these ever so slight changes, some recipes now benefit from improved meat content, omega levels and additional taurine. Please review the FAQs below for further help and assistance.









Our Customer Care team are here to help. If you have questions about our new dry food that aren’t answered below, please do give us a call on 020 7433 1863 or send an email to hello@lilyskitchen.co.uk.

As we have adhered to our previous recipes and made only slight tweaks, transitioning over to the new recipes should be easy and enjoyable for your cat. However, if your cat is particularly sensitive then please follow the steps below.

If you’re serving up our food for the first time or switching to these new recipes, it’s best to introduce it into your cat’s diet bit by bit over about a week. Start with a mix of 4/5 of your current food to 1/5 of the new recipe. Day by day, increase the proportions until you’re feeding only the new recipe. Some cats will be able to transition fully in one go, others with more sensitivities will need to allow for a gradual transition. You as their pet parent will be best placed to make that call for your pet.

We aren’t going to continue to sell both but if you would like to get hold of some of our previous recipes to ensure a smooth transition then please get in touch with our customer care team. Some cats will be able to transition fully in one go, others with more sensitivities will need to allow for a gradual transition. You as their pet parent will be best placed to make that call for your pet.

To ensure that we source and maintain the consistently high standards of our ingredients, we have tweaked some of our recipes to ensure that we rarely go out of stock of your cat’s favourites.

All the recipes that were grain free before are still grain free.

There have been legal changes to the additives declaration and safety margins. Through continuous analysis of our foods we found that some of our ingredients were in fact even more nutritious than we had initially thought and we have re-evaluated the added vitamins and minerals, so they are added at a level that is the most beneficial for your pet.

Yes. We use chelated minerals as these are absorbed better into the body and have been shown to help improve skin and coat condition and boost immune function. Due to new legalisation change across all pet food, this has meant that chelated minerals must be declared in a slightly different way on packaging.

In cats, consumption of taurine may help benefit healthy vision and heart health and is essential to consume as a part of the diet as cats cannot produce this themselves.

Having the flavour profile of the turkey as well as the fish is a good balance and helps us achieve a better palatability. We hope your cat enjoys it!

We have a responsibility to our planet and everything in it. And we try to tread carefully on the planet that our pets love so much. That’s why we ensure that all of our packaging is recyclable, either as part of your kerbside council collection or as part of our partnership with TerraCycle. To recycle your Lily’s Kitchen dry food please follow the steps below to become a TerraCycle member and get started!

  • 1. Sign up to become a member at terracycle.com and join the Lily's Kitchen Programme to collect at home.
  • 2. Rinse your used packaging and keep them in a box you can send to TerraCycle (our delivery boxes are ideal for this).
  • 3. When your box is full, download and print a parcel label from your TerraCycle account and send the box off for free!

For more information please visit our Recycling page


We’re really surprised to hear that your cat doesn’t enjoy the new recipe as much as the previous, our office cats at home love them even more so! Please do get in touch with our customer care team as we’d love to chat about how best to transition or suggest other recipes in our range that your cat may love.