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Pets. They love us for who we are, unconditionally and wholeheartedly. From that excitable greeting whenever you return home to the chorus of loving purrs in the early morning hours—their love is unwavering and relentless. It’s this limitless love and pride we think the world could do with more of.

Here at Lily’s Kitchen, we recognise our wonderfully diverse community and believe that everyone deserves to be celebrated. In the same way our four-legged companions love their owner with pride and without prejudice, we want to share this message of limitless love. In honour of this and supporting the LGBTQ+ communities, we’re launching our new Love and Pride recipes with 100% of profits donated to MindOut*. Let’s return the love of our furry family and share it with the rest of the world.

*Total donation of £26,000. See full T&Cs here

Love & Pride Wet Dog Food

We believe dogs can teach us a thing or two about love. Because no matter what you wear, look like or who you love, a dog will love and accept you unconditionally, always.

And what better way to show your furry friend love in return than with a wholesome meal bursting with nature’s delights? Filled with vibrant vegetables like carrots, apples and green beans, this Love & Pride Cottage Pie is made to a nutritionally complete and grain-free recipe with fresh beef, potatoes, broccoli and herbs as well as all the essential vitamins and minerals your cherished doggo needs. Here’s to love in all its forms.


Love & Pride Paté for Cats

Celebrate love and pride with your cat and show them just how much you appreciate all that makes them who they are (padded toe beans especially) with food they’ll love.

This grain-free recipe is made to be perfectly balanced, so they get all the nutrients they need in one single bowl. It’s full of freshly prepared meat and responsibly sourced fish, with no added sugar in there. We’re talking zero.

Let’s stand up for love. Happy Purride.



Proudly supporting MindOut

Often, members of the LGBTQ+ communities do not get the adequate support needed for their mental health from mainstream services, especially when dealing with discrimination, exclusion and minority stress. They deserve a safe space where their identities are recognised, understood and supported. Which is where MindOut come in.

MindOut are an incredible mental health service working to improve the mental health and wellbeing of the LGBTQ+ communities and make their mental health a community-wide concern. They are run by and for lesbians, gay, bisexual, trans and queer people, as well as those who identify as asexual, aromantic, pansexual, non-binary, genderqueer, genderfluid and intersex.


How Your Donation Can Help

Your donation contribution will be used to help aid MindOut’s Online Support Service for up to six months.

Ran by trained and experienced LGBTQ+ volunteers, mental health practitioners and specialist LGBTQ+ service providers, this service offers:

  • • Emotional and listening support without judgement and unwanted advice or opinions
  • • Information and signposting in the right direction
  • • Hope through positive relationships and professional expertise
  • • Prevention from isolation, crisis and suicidal distress
  • • Help for members in protecting their rights and getting their voices heard
  • • Help with developing coping strategies
  • • General conversation
  • • Information and access to other MindOut services
The Online Support Service is open most days including evenings, weekends, and bank holidays. For more information around MindOut and their incredible work, or to get support through their Online Support Service, visit their website here. You can reach out to the amazing team at MindOut by clicking on the pink bubble at the bottom of their website.


Here at Lily’s Kitchen, our team are passionate about LGBTQ+ rights. We strive to be a supportive ally not only when celebrating Pride, but year-round. This includes all of our campaigns, of which inclusivity will always play an important part. We’re already working on our plans for 2024 with this goal in mind, not to mention more exciting Pride plans that are on the horizon. Stay posted.

If you have any suggestions of how we can further support the LGBTQ+ communities, please let us know by contacting our lovely Customer Service team who would love to hear!

Walk & Talk Initiative


With the help of our friends at MindOut, we’ve launched a Walk & Talk service—a mental health support intervention that supports the LGBTQ+ community via the shared love of four-legged friends.

The initiative, as well as other vital support services offered by the charity, will be funded through the sales of our new Limited-Edition Love & Pride recipes for dogs and cats, 100% of profits* from which will be donated to MindOut. Here’s to love in all its forms.

Events taking place in Brighton on the 23rd July, 20th August and 17th September.

For full event information and to secure your place, please email Limited spaces available.