How to recycle our packaging

We have a responsibility to our planet and everything in it. And we try to tread carefully on the planet that our pets love so much. Here you can find out about the different types of packaging we use, and how you can recycle them.

Our tins and trays

Our tins and trays keep our delicious recipes lovely and fresh and they’re all fully recyclable. There’s no need to remove the labels - just pop them into your usual recycling bin.

Our bags for dry food

The majority of our dry food bags are made from compostable materials suitable for industrial composting. Our 12kg bags are recyclable.


Not all local councils accept them for recycling, however, and we know it’s not possible for everyone to use composting facilities. That’s why we’ve teamed up with the clever people at Terracycle, to make sure everyone can recycle.

Terracycle can collect and recycle almost any form of waste and we’re partnering with them to ensure that all of our packaging can be recycled and diverted away from landfill.

Our recycling programme with Terracycle will be live very soon so please sign up to our newsletter and we’ll let you know when it’s all up and running.



Our treats packs

Some of our food (such as treats and dental chews) comes in plastic packs. We’ve looked at a huge number of options and for now, plastic packaging is the only available solution to ensure these particular recipes stay fresh, safe and tasty for pets, whilst still being affordable for our customers.


To make sure everyone can recycle these, we’ve teamed up with Terracycle.

Our baked treats packaging

Our baked treats and Breakfast Crunch come in handy cardboard boxes that are fully recyclable - just pop them in your usual recycling bin.


To keep our food nice and fresh, we use a plastic inner bag inside the box and to make sure everyone can recycle these, we’ve teamed up with Terracycle.

Our dog waste bags

Lily’s Kitchen 100% compostable dog waste bags are made with GM free maize starch. They compost down completely once they’re thrown away, so you’ll be looking after your dog and the planet. And because they’re made with maize, they have a naturally pleasant smell.

Our delivery boxes

The boxes we use to deliver our proper food for pets to both our customers and retailers are 100% recyclable and we’ve changed them to have crash lock bases (the base flaps fold and hold the box’s shape) so that less tape is used.


We’ve also recently changed our packing tape for a fabric type instead of plastic. This is stronger (so we need to use less of it) and it’s recyclable.

Our dispatch notes are printed on recycled paper and are all recyclable too.


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Actions speak louder than words, and we believe it’s important to really do the things we say we do here at Lily’s Kitchen, without any greenwashing.


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