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What’s in our proper treats for dogs?

The Best Ever Beef
Mini Burgers

Made with freshly prepared beef, with a helping of chia seeds (which contain omega 3, known to be good for skin and fur health) and kale (rich in healthy antioxidants) for a simply delicious, natural treat.

Chicken Bites

Made with freshly prepared chicken, we’ve added a sprinkling of quinoa (an energy and protein-rich seed) and a gentle dash of ginger (known to aid digestion) for a simply delicious, natural treat.

Scrumptious Duck &
Venison Sausages

Made with freshly prepared duck and venison, and air-dried for a satisfyingly chewy texture, these delightful snack-size sausages are full of valuable protein for a simply delicious, natural treat.

Customer Notice: This item will be delivered through your letterbox by Royal Mail (unless it’s part of a bigger order). Please take extra care if your dog enjoys opening the mail - we pop an oxygen absorber into our treat bags for freshness, which should not be eaten. It may also take 3-4 days to arrive.

*Terms & conditions apply. 20% off + free delivery ends on 29/02/2020 at 23:45. Full price £7.50, £6 quoted represents price after promotion applied. This offer cannot be used with any other offer code and can only be used once per order

**Taster selection will be delivered via Royal Mail through your letterbox if ordered on its own, without any other Lily’s Kitchen products. If other products are included in your order, DPD will deliver.