Welcome To Our Kitchen

Hello! We have created this range of lovely natural and organic pet foods so that your pets can benefit from a really good natural diet - just like Lily does! 

We call our range of recipes ‘proper food’ because that is what our food looks and smells like. We make each recipe with wholesome, natural ingredients packed full of natural nourishment to keep your dog or cat in peak condition as well as build a strong immune system to fight disease.

Our products are unique in the world – we are the first company to produce and launch grain-free and meal-free foods. We only ever use 100% fresh meat in our recipes – no processed meat meals.

We are passionate about what we do and believe that a natural diet, full of real meat, vegetables and fruits will support your pet's health. 

Our wet foods are filled with raw, natural ingredients and then gently cooked to ensure they are safe and sterile.

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Selecting the Best Nutritional Guidance

With so many options, we know how difficult it can be selecting the right pet food for our four-legged friends. We know you care about health and happiness of your pet, so to help you choose the most appropriate dry food for your pet, Lily's Kitchen has cooked up a fun and simple way for you to compare the quality of ingredients and nutritional values that are vital to your pet's diet.

Click here for our Dry Food Comparison Chart.


Happy Customers

'My three rescue cats think this is a purrfect food!'


'We bought Truly Naturals Fish Skin Dog Chews for our 14 week puppy just before Christmas and he totally adores them. It is a wonderful product and we will be ordering more!'



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