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Christmas Travel Tips

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Travelling with pets can be stressful but with the help of Rory the Vet, we’ve put together some handy tips to keep cats and dogs happy on the Christmas commute.

P. E. T. S. to help you stay on track no matter what happens."



To make the great Christmas migration a breeze this year, remember P. E. T. S. to help you stay on track no matter what happens.


• Try to factor in time for a walk before you set off, to help your pet feel more settled on the journey – this might even be the day before, if you’re leaving early

• Leave plenty of time between your pet’s last meal and travel. Bring water and treats for the journey and all your regular pet supplies

• Make sure to also plan time for loo breaks. Lily’s Kitchen and GWR have created a handy map, pinpointing pet-friendly stations so you can plan ahead for a comfort break pre departure and on arrival


• Bring their favourite toys or chews to keep them entertained

• Don’t forget a cosy blanket that smells like home so they can get comfy when they want to relax

• Remember, their favourite thing in the world is you. So be prepared to give them loads of attention, to make sure they’re feeling happy and reassured along the way


• This might be the first time you’ve embarked on a long journey with your four-legged friend so it’s worth getting in some practice ahead of time to help familiarise them with the sights and sounds of travelling

• If you’re using a carrier, get them comfortable with it at home first. Leave it open for them to explore and encourage them in using treats and familiar smelling blankets. Build up the time they spend in the carrier slowly, so they get used to it

• For dogs reward good behaviours with treats and praise

• It’s recommended when travelling with cats to cover carriers with a blanket to make them feel safe. It’s also a good idea to book a seat on the quiet carriage and travel off-peak


• The closer we get to Christmas, the busier it will be! You’re not a Scrooge if you decline someone’s request to say hello to your cat or dog. Read your pet’s body language, and always do what’s best for them and socialise responsibly

• It’s worth also keeping an eye out for other pets on-the-go and whether your cat or dog is okay socialising or not, to avoid confrontation or too much excitement